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Touch-Pads Auctions
From the colorful pictures, excitement and ease of use, our touch-pad experience will boost and extend your auction participation generating 30 to 50% more revenue. Watch your patrons as they use the "My Bids" feature to see what items they are winning and to easily re-bid on items they are losing. Since your entire auction is automated, there is no post-auction tabulation allowing you to keep your auction open longer, which means more time to raise additional funds. Big screen and plasma projection lures your patrons to auction highlights such as live auction items, current high bids, the most popular silent auction treasures, items without bids, auction sponsors, and even streaming video presentations. Read more

Smartphone Bidding

Smartphone Bidding, Smartphone Auction, Touch-Pad Bidding
We love them as productivity tools for our home and office, now guests can use them to bid in the auction at their favorite charity fundraiser. Everyone has one and most have "Smartphones" like iPhone, Blackberry or Droid. If your patrons have one and can get to the internet, they can bid in your auction along with other patrons using our Touch-Pads on event night. Not only can patrons at the venue bid with their own device, other invited guests that may live in other cities and states can bid via the web or their Smartphone as well. An enhancement and add-on to our Touch-Pad bidding technology, all bids from within the auction venue as well as outside the venue across the internet are real time, all live and all by powered AES's state-of-the-art technology and auction service. Read More

Auction in a Box — Computers and Software to "run it yourself"

Auction in a Box, Computers and Software to run the auction yourself
For the "do-it-yourself" group that just needs reliable and easy to set up computer equipment and software to support event day activities. Our unique color coordinated equipment arrives a week before your event with simple to follow setup and operating instructions. Complete with your choice of auction software, clients can easily run smaller less complex events with confidence. AES will ship your organization preconfigured equipment that is setup to work flawlessly at your event. AES also provides client support for questions and issues. AES even includes consumables for registration and cashiering like the easy to forget pens, paper, staplers, clip boards and even breath mints! Read More

Live Auctions

Live Auctions, Touch-pads Auctions, Smartphone Auctions
Certainly one of the major financial contributors at your event is the Live Auction and the "Ask", "Give" or "Cash Call". AES brings fun and exciting technologies that compliment your emcee or live auctioneer creating a lucrative and efficient activity that personally recognizes participants for their contribution to your organizational goals. Be it a "silent ask" where patrons give via our touch-pads or their own Smartphone, or a "live ask" where the auctioneer is collecting denominational donations, AES's staff will invoke our technology solutions to account for every dollar, invoice those funds immediately and be ready for your patrons to check-out and pay. Read More

Sponsorship & Underwriting

Auction Sponsorship & Underwriting Options
Unprecedented sponsorship and underwriting opportunities are a unique and very profitable addition to your event donor and major sponsor offerings. Our specialized technology provide organizations with six custom ways to attract large and giving sponsors. From our credit card size bid card to our one-of-a-kind real time Touch-Pad streaming video, donors and sponsors alike get unparalleled visibility to your patron base and special mission. Read More

Traditional Bid Sheet

Traditional Bid Sheet Auction
You and your patrons love the paper and pen bid sheets and AES supports those great events as well. By the time our technology packages were released in 2001, AES had been servicing paper based auctions for 14 years, it is our heritage. From registration collateral to production of your event materials and cashiering of your patrons, AES has handled thousands of events and streamlined the process to avoid long lines of dedicated patrons. AES even conducts your auction item distribution so your valuable supporters not only get in the door fast and begin bidding, but when they are ready to depart they are expressed through check-out and leave happy. Read More

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