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AES Event Manager

Your dedicated AES Event Manager provides you with fundraising guidance: setting minimum bids, increments and buy now values, as well as item packaging ideas for your auction. He or she periodically reviews your total item value compared to your goal amount, and then offers feedback to help you reach your goal.

Your Event Manager also schedules an event venue walk to determine successful configuration for registration, fundraising areas, cashiering and item pickup. He or she is a valuable resource and can attend planning or committee meetings between the contract date and event date to offer best practices input.

Having the one dedicated Event Manager from planning to event day gives you the added benefit of a stress-free event day as he or she knows your event as well as you do.

Register guests with ease

Print live auction bid paddles, collect missing contact information, and pre-swipe credit cards at registration are just a few pieces to our Registration services. Let our staff take care of all the administrative duties of registration freeing up your staff, board members and volunteers to make meaningful connections with donors.

AES staff will also train your auction volunteers on the use of our system and assist your patrons with any bidding questions that they may have. Technical support staff is onsite all day to make sure the event goes off without a hitch.

The finishing touches to make the event complete

The last touch of your event should be seamless and with AES’s checkout and item pickup processes it will be. In partnership with your volunteers, AES will reset your auction floor for checkout allowing your patrons to get their items and invoices quickly and efficiently. Once we are ready to close it all up, your AES Event Manager will produce your event reports right there on-site for you to review.

Our work doesn’t end when the auction closes. AES will reconcile the financials, provide detailed payment information for follow up, and generate a multitude of reports and recommendations that will help you grow your event year after year.

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Simple, secure payment processing

Collect more of your proceeds on event night and leave a lasting final impression on your supporters. AES provides traditional checkout lines for those who prefer the personal touch; and self-checkout from any device in the room for those that want to skip the checkout table altogether.

AES has partnered with iATS Payments, a level 1 PCI compliant processor to provide secure, integrated credit card processing. Credit card pre-swiping at registration and instant payment for add-on items greatly reduces follow up work and unpaid bidders.

The best part, with our iATS partnership the merchant account belongs to you. This means that the patron’s credit card statements will show your organization for the purchase and the money is directly transferred from iATS to your bank account from the account setup paperwork; unlike other companies, no guest payments pass through AES. We believe the money raised at your events belongs to you and we partnered with a processor who does too!

AES Fundraising Expertise

At AES we pride ourselves on our fundraising knowledge and backgrounds. Our staff is all local to your area meaning that we have come to know the trends and pitfalls over time. We can share fundraising ideas for nonprofits with you and the items to maybe steer clear of to best exceed your revenue goals. We have partnered with the hotels and A/V companies and have done the research for you. Looking to change venues, we can help you with that. Need to add a professional auctioneer to your event, we can help you with that too. AES is more than an auction company, we are a full event management company dedicated to helping you to Raise More!

Our experienced event managers can help plan and execute your golf fundraising events, galas, school fundraisers, and more!

Elevate your event with our virtual fundraising platform:

“We have used the AES process for more than 10 years. Before that, we had a nightmarish checkout with very long lines and credit card machines that didn’t work. I recently told someone that I would not do my event without AES. You make life so much easier and organized. Our whole event just runs so much smoother. I’m happy AES supports us with paper bidding still. While I’ve been tempted to try electronic bidding, the paper method works fine for our older crowd.”



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