Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Put the “FUN” back in fundraiser and make a difference (in-person or virtually) with these successful fundraising ideas.

On its face, fundraising may not seem like the most exciting thing to some people. A lot of effort and time goes into fundraising that many people don’t consider. Without a personal connection to the cause, a potential donor might lean toward another activity during their free time rather than going to a fundraiser. At Auction and Event Solutions, we understand the importance of fundraising and we know what works and doesn’t work. In order to maximize your fundraising, we’ve rounded up fundraising ideas for nonprofits.

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

1.  Set Up a User-Friendly Website – Make it easy for your audience to find you and donate at any time, not just during an event or campaign.

2.  Keep In Touch With Your Audience – Create a newsletter, engage on social media, and publicly thank your donors! It will make all the difference (and keep your cause on their minds).

3.  Conduct a Donor Survey – Surveys help you better understand and connect with your audience, how to market to them, and how to get more donations.

4.  Host a Virtual Event – If you haven’t jumped on this wave already, this is a great way to reach donors who can’t or don’t want to attend in-person fundraisers. Learn more about our virtual fundraising software and nonprofit event software.

Put the "FUN" back in fundraiser!

Being in this industry since 1989, we’ve found fundraisers are always more successful when the donors are having a good time. This means one thing: it’s time to put the fun back in fundraising! Trust us, you won’t regret it. Here are fundraising ideas for nonprofits sure to be a fun time for all:

1.  Wine Pull – Who doesn’t want to win a bottle of wine? Raffle away a variety of wine bottles at different price points by placing a number on each bottle of wine and having guests pull a cork out of a bowl that has a corresponding number on it. The cost to play should be close to the least expensive bottle of wine and everyone will go home a winner! Pro tip: this can be done with Liquor or Beer as well!

2.  Split the Pot – The great thing about offering “split the pot” is that it can be done in-person or virtually! Have guests buy raffle tickets leading up to your event to sweeten the pot even more. One lucky winner will take home half the winnings with the rest going to your cause.

3.  Diamond Dig – Add a touch of glam to your fundraiser with Diamond Dig! At the event, guests buy a glass of champagne and receive a blingy item (such as flashing rings or glow sticks) to wear for the evening. One lucky guest will win a real diamond!

4.  Gift Card Tree – This one requires little effort but is a lot of fun! Create a decorative display to match your event theme, wrapping each gift card to hide its dollar amount. Guests pay one set fee in hopes that they win a higher-valued gift card!

5. Heads/Tails Game – This game is a great way to get your audience’s attention after dinner or before the live auction. You can either play for free with 100% participation or make it a pay-to-play game, depending on the prize. Either way, you will ask the participants to stand up and choose Heads (by placing their hands on their heads) or Tails (by placing their hands on their backsides). Your emcee will then flip a coin to see who remains standing and who is now out of the game. This continues until you have a winner, and just like that, you now have everyone’s attention to begin the live auction!

Any combination of these fundraising ideas for nonprofits is sure to boost morale and funds at your next event, keeping the energy high and the money flowing! Plus, they can be customized to match the exact theme of your event and organization’s logos and colors.


A Few Tips and Tricks for Your Next Event

Early Check-In. Allowing early check-in ensures a faster, smoother experience for both guests and volunteers. You can send a reminder to guests prior to the event through our advanced system.

Pre-Print Bidding Paddles. By printing your bidding paddles beforehand and setting them up on the dinner table before the event, guests can avoid carrying their paddles around during cocktail hour and other activities.

Open Silent Auction Prior to Your Event. To increase participation and fundraising, we recommend opening up an online charity auction a few days before your event. This will get the crowd buzzing about your event!

We hope you use some of our successful fundraising ideas for nonprofits at your next event!

If you’re interested in taking your fundraising efforts to the next level, schedule a demo with AES today.