Auction & Event Solutions HQ announced today the opening of the company’s 6th regional branch. Located in Orange County California, this new branch is a reflection of the company’s strong business growth across the United States and a result of increasing market share growth on the west coast.

Today, the branch was declared open by Mr. Jon Doehling, Auction & Event Solutions HQ President and owner of AES’s Chicago Branch. According to Mr. Doehling:

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening our new California branch as we have seen a pivotal and overwhelming need for our unique fundraising technologies and services along the entire west coast. The strength of our strong client base in that region coupled with a surge in philanthropy reflects the dedication of our clients to community enhancement and the need for our unique services in the area. We are proud of the achievements of our Virtual Teams division which has serviced the area remotely from other parts of the United States as we took the necessary steps to secure our position and market share in California.

“Over the past few years I have personally assisted in the growth and event management of our California client base and I am particularly impressed with the fundraising community in that region. Organizations in that area are very tech savvy and crave technology solutions that increase philanthropy and contribute to the bottom line. I believe AES will fill that need at the same time demonstrating how a professional, well trained, friendly staff utilizing state of the art auction software can pay dividends when it comes to donor satisfaction and retention. With a national footprint stretching across the United States, AES is uniquely positioned to assist hundreds if not thousands of non-profit charitable organization throughout the rapidly growing philanthropic communities. In July of this year I will turn the reigns of my Chicago branch over to Mr. Casey Holloway, VP of Operations AES Chicago, and I will relocate to the Orange County area to focus my energies on the great organizations and communities of California.”

Auction & Event Solutions
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