Paper bidding packages

Our paper bid sheet services package provides you with a complete solution for a seamless event.

Paper Bidding & Auction Management

Although there are many great reasons to use AES charity auction fundraising tools for your event, sometimes Mobile Bidding just isn’t the right choice for your patrons. This is precisely why AES continues to facilitate paper bid sheet auctions using our auction management systems that we have developed over 30 years of experience to help you run a world class paper bid sheet event.

With our tried and true registration techniques, we are able to register your guests quickly and efficiently which gets them in the door faster so they can start bidding. We take the hassle out of the manual process with data entry and validation techniques that focus on speed and accuracy. Then at the end of the night, we will accept all payments, print receipts, and help you distribute the auction items in a streamlined process that will leave your guests with a lasting positive impression of your event and organization alike. A happy donor is a generous donor!

AES paper bidding services package includes:

Dedicated Event Manager

You’ll be partnered with a dedicated AES Event Manager to guide you through the entire process and assist with auction management.

Event data

Through our auction management software, your Event Manager will record silent auction winners from paper bidding sheets, live auction winners, donations received through the fund-a-need, and track specialty items such as raffle, wine-pulls and other games.

Paper bidding sheets

AES will handle the production of bid sheets and description sheets (if applicable).

Item distribution

AES will coordinate and train staff and volunteers to efficiently distribute auction items to the winners.

Attendee information

Keep in touch with your bidders after the event through our web-based attendee management system, which can collect your bidders’ contact information through a variety of methods.

Credit card processing

Speed up the checkout process with our secure, PCI-compliant credit card system, including pre-swiping credit cards at registration.

Event reconciliation

Your dedicated AES Event Manager will reconcile the financials, provide detailed payment information for follow-up, and generate detailed reporting, analysis, and recommendations that will help you grow your event year after year.

AES Staff assistance

We will assign a team of professional, experienced AES staff members to manage check-in and check-out.


AES will bring the necessary charity auction fundraising tools, from computers, and card readers to wireless networks, printers, and more.


AES Messaging allows you to send a text to remind attendees what table number they are sitting at, ask them to make their way to the dining room, and more!

Other AES bidding packages

AES also offers mobile bidding through our online auction software for nonprofits, as well as DIY event solutions customized to your event. Check out all of our charity auction fundraising tools!

Elevate your event with our virtual fundraising platform:

“We have used the AES process for more than 10 years. Before that, we had a nightmarish checkout with very long lines and credit card machines that didn’t work. I recently told someone that I would not do my event without AES. You make life so much easier and organized. Our whole event just runs so much smoother. I’m happy AES supports us with paper bidding still. While I’ve been tempted to try electronic bidding, the paper method works fine for our older crowd.”



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